5 Easy Ideas for an At-Home Birthday Party for the Family

It’s an interesting and new time we’re living in right now, especially when it comes to those family celebrations that we’re all so used to having every year. That said, just because we’re all practicing social distancing and staying at home doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate a family member’s birthday! Here are five easy ways to get it done…

  1. Come up with a theme and decorate!

Online stores like Target and Amazon are still shipping and have tons of birthday decoration options you can order without ever leaving your house. Just make sure you plan in advance since shipping might be delayed. If DIY is your specialty, you can find items in your house and go all out with your homemade decorations too!

2. Plan a creative activity for the kids

Your creative activity can really be anything the birthday girl or boy likes, but we love a creative baking project or arts and crafts. FoodStirs has a super cute Polar Bear Cupcake Kit that any kiddo would love. They’re also about to launch a Mini Spill Cake Kit (!), and we all know how much kids love those!

Kids’ party entertainment companies like Send in the Clowns Events have virtual entertainment characters that can interact, send messages and sing happy birthday with the birthday child.

3. Play games or create an at-home spa

You can play charades or Pictionary via your phone or computer or even the good old-fashioned way! You’ll be surprised how fun these old school games are, and it’s even better when the kids get a little competitive with each other ☺.

Plan a treasure hunt with clues and place the birthday girl or boy’s favorite toys or treats at the final destination.

You can also create an at-home spa where you can get your nails and hair done for an added bonus!

For older kids, they can play Jackbox Games remotely with friends and family!

4. Make or order in the birthday girl or boy’s favorite meal and snacks

Start the day with homemade pancakes with sprinkles and a birthday candle. Nothing is better than an early morning happy birthday sing-along.

Then, when it’s time for your party, maybe order pizza from your favorite local pizzeria? Or tacos from your neighborhood taqueria? Or maybe it’s Grandma’s lasagna recipe? Whatever they love, we think it’s great to make it all about them for the day. Don’t forget about a cake or cupcakes for the official birthday candle!


5. FaceTime, Houseparty or Zoom close friends and family to sing happy birthday

After you eat and have your activities, connect digitally with their friends and your family members to sing a big group version of happy birthday! You can even save the cake and candle for this time!

If you really want to up the celebration with social distancing yet still be able to have some actual “face-to-face” time, have your neighbors or family members create a parade of sorts and drive by and wish the birthday girl or boy a happy birthday from the car!

Safe and healthy planning!

Xx, The Planning Society


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