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Creating the Wow Factor with The “Messy Table”

We see a lot of table designs and food arrangements given what we do here at The Planning Society, but when we came across This Messy Table LA, our mouths literally dropped. It seems like such a simple concept: a messy table. Easy, right?! Well this company has proven us wrong by consistently creating what we like to call “food art.” Here are a few of our favorite grazing table trends from the LA-based company.

We chatted with the company’s founder, Kabrel Geller, on food themes and her top rules when it comes to styling for her clients!

What are your top three rules when styling a Messy Table?

1-) Wide assortment (of food)

2-) Abundance (of food)

3-) Think outside the box (i.e. maybe drizzle some chocolate on brie, use maple syrup instead of honey, or use unexpected surfaces to lay food).

Do you style in food themes? For example, let’s say someone wanted all comfort foods or all desserts?

First of all I don’t like the word “theme”:) I prefer to think of it as a custom Table. Meaning, most Tables include a huge variety of different foods, usually over 50 items, but I will always cater to a clients’ needs/wishes…vegetarian, vegan, kosher, only duck prosciutto, etc. I just had a client request Twizzlers, Cheetos and sunflower seeds, along with all the other items we offer.

So whether you are looking for some event styling inspiration or a fabulous way to wow your guests at your next holiday party, corporate event, cocktail party, birthday celebration, Mitzvah, wedding, or shower, we predict the “Messy Table” trend is definitely here to stay!

Happy Planning!

Xx The Planning Society

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