Here’s How a Top Influencer Proposed to Her Bridesmaids

Fashion and lifestyle influencer Melanee Shale proposed to each woman in her bridal party in the cutest way, with perfectly-curated (and custom) boxes. When we saw the photos, we knew we had to find out the details!

Where did you get the inspiration for these boxes?

I did a lot of research on Pinterest and websites to gather inspo for my boxes. I quickly realized that a lot of them had the same contents such as robes, champagne glasses and eye masks. I really wanted to personalize them more and pick items that were completely different than the norm. I knew I could get personalized items on Etsy, so I began there.

Did you source from one store/site or many?

After hours of thinking and browsing through Etsy, I had to really think about each piece I wanted. I first decided that since it’s a destination in Italy, what could I get that highlighted traveling and going to Italy. I found a leather store on there that made luggage tags that said “andiamo” which means “let’s go” in Italian and was like “Boom! Perfect”! I saw they had them in pink and knew that all the girls in my bridal party liked pink, so I thought why not also find pink boxes?  Again, I found the boxes on Etsy, after combing through many pages, and liked the font/that I could put their names on each box. I also found the cards and personalized “Happy Tissues” on Etsy. I then went to Sugarfina (my favorite candy store) and picked out candy based on what I knew each girl liked. My sister always loves anything sour with peach, Elizabeth loves champagne, so I picked out champagne gummies, Crystal loves ice cream, so I got her ice cream cone gummies…and my sister-in-law loves tequila so I got her tequila gummies. For the jewelry, Zaxie was kind enough to gift me pieces for the girls and, again, I chose them base on each girl’s style.

Any tips or tricks for a new bride-to-be considering doing similar boxes?

I would definitely recommend going away from the norm and really think about what the girls would like and actually use! They were so appreciative that I actually took the time to customize each item according to their tastes. I highly recommend browsing Etsy; take your time and save everything you like. Then, once you think you’ve done enough research, go back and narrow down what you picked. I think it took me two months to finally hit purchase because I wanted to make sure I picked the right things. 

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