A Sweet Valentine’s Day Kids’ Baking Party With Foodstirs

Are you planning a Valentine’s Day kids’ party or just want a fun activity to do with your kids on Valentine’s Day? The Planning Society has teamed up with Galit Laibow, Co-Founder of Foodstirs, to throw a fun at-home baking party with sweet and festive treats for this heart-warming holiday. 

Galit shares her insight on low-stress planning, how to get your kids involved in the fun and how to create meaningful memories.

Growing up, my sisters and I loved Valentine’s Day because it was the one holiday all of us would come together to bake. We didn’t argue, and we worked together to create the most delicious cookies in town. But it wasn’t the cookies that I remember the most (although they were super delish just like our Foodstirs Organic Sugar Cookie Mix), it was the experience of being together for those few hours, laughing, talking and creating.

Now that I’m a parent, it’s important to make sure that I’m giving my kids the opportunity to experience that feeling I felt when I was younger. It’s one of the biggest reasons my co-founders, Greg Fleishman, Sarah Michelle Gellar and I created Foodstirs. Baking gives us a reason to put our phones down and create…not only great desserts but lasting memories. As busy working parents, we want to deliver amazing products that contain the best organic ingredients in world, that are not only safe, convenient and easy to do, but also delicious.


And if you are reading this and feel inspired but scared at the same time (I know you are thinking about your kitchen and the mess!!!), please stop. I have some tips that I promise will give you super parent status and will help make the planning fun and easy! After all, there’s nothing more special than giving the gift of food and nothing more memorable than creating it yourself. Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to get started.

My kids love spreading the love by hosting a sweet Valentine’s Baking Party where they can do the baking, decorating and of course, the eating!

Here are some helpful tips for throwing your own Valentine’s Baking Party with kids:

  1. Semi-Homemade Is Key

We love using our Foodstirs organic baking mixes and curated baking kits that come with all the supplies and decoration to guarantee fun for all ages.  You can create Pinterest worthy treats in 6 steps or less!!!

Get all the ingredients out and ready to go before and let the kids jump right in and take turns whipping up the treats.

  1.  Get Some Pre-Baking Going the Night Before

It’s great to have your kids make some cookie dough the night before and divide into balls so that each of your party goers can have one ready to roll out.

You can also bake up some cupcakes to add some extra fun for decorating.

  1.  Break Out The Fun Stuff  

Kids love to make their own custom creations so give them a variety of cookie cutters, sprinkles, frosting and décor and let them create their own masterpieces from scratch.

We love using natural dyes to color our frostings. You can fill plastic storage bags with frosting and cut the tips to create little color piping bags the kids can use to decorate.

  1.  Keep It Simple

We know that in today’s world of endless social media pictures, it seems like everyone’s party has to be more elaborate than the next, but simplicity is key and having fun is most important!

Pick up some fresh flowers from the grocery store. Most grocery stores have beautiful small bundles of fresh flowers. Get some mason jars and add some flare to your table.

Come up with a color scheme and pick up a cute festive table cloth, cups and plates. Head to your local party store or order online from Target or Amazon (don’t forget to give yourself some extra time for online orders!).

  1.  Music

Remember to throw on some fun music for your get together. Have your kids create a playlist beforehand of their favorite tunes.

  1.  Roll With It

Most important, just roll with it. It could get a little messy, but the smiles on their faces, the pride they have for doing it themselves and the memories they create are worth it. And don’t forget, kids love to help, so turn cleaning up into a fun activity!!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

xx The Planning Society

Photography: Molly Torian Photography // Baking: Foodstirs Organic Sugar Cookie Mix // Foodstirs Organic Ultimate Chocolate Cake Mix // Foodstirs Baking Kits

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