10 Things To Do Now That You Are Engaged

You’re engaged! Congrats to you and your love! And now comes all the fun and, of course, the stress of planning a wedding. So now what? Where do you start? Here’s our definitive list of the first 10 things you should do right after you get engaged.

Call Your Parents and Close Relatives

Aside from the happy couple, no one will be more excited than your parents! Don’t forget to call them and let them be the first people to know (before it gets blasted all over Facebook and Instagram).

Snap a Photo

You can do professional engagement photos later, if that’s your thing, but make sure to take a “day of engagement” selfie or, even better, if someone else is around ask them to take a few shots.

Get Your Ring Sized Properly  

You may have thought you were a size 6 ring you’re whole life but now you’re thinking maybe you’re a 5.5? Get your ring sized properly ASAP so it doesn’t slip off and get lost.

Get Your Ring Insured 

Speaking of, you’ll also want to get your ring insured as soon as possible in the case of theft, loss or damage.

Get a Manicure 

If you’re engagement was a surprise there’s nothing you can do if you had chipped nails but, that said, now that you’re newly engaged people are going to be looking at your hands a LOT more than usual ☺

Create a Wedding Website  

Decide on the URL and hashtag you and your love will want for all things your wedding. A wedding website is a great home base for guests to get all the info they need, and sites like Minted, have some great options.

Create a Pinterest Board

A wedding website is good for the serious business, but we also recommend creating a Pinterest board (or several!) to start gathering visual inspiration for your wedding festivities.

Start Thinking About a Date and Timeline

No need to lock in the date right away, but it’s a good idea to at least start thinking about a date and timeline (and having that conversation) to make sure that you and your love are both on the same page.

Discuss a Potential Wedding Budget

Speaking of important discussions, the financials of a wedding are always a stressor and better to start a conversation at the beginning…this will make sure you’re both aligned as far as how much you’re willing and have to spend.

Take Time to Enjoy it All

Getting engaged is a BIG, happy time! That said, it also comes with stressful things and conversations like budgets, guest lists, etc. Just make sure that you and your love are taking the time to actually enjoy your engagement and each other.

Happy Planning!

xx The Planning Society

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