How to Throw the Best Engagement Party

Engagement parties certainly aren’t a must-do but they can be a nice addition to your wedding process and a great way to celebrate the start of the entire process! Here are our best (stress free) tips on how to throw the best engagement party ever.

  1. Compile a guest list

First thing’s first – decide on exactly who you want in attendance and get a rough estimate of a final headcount so that you can truly begin the planning process.

2. Choose your location

You know what they say…location, location, location.  It’s crucial that you work on your guest list first so that you know exactly how big of a space you need for the party. Once that list is semi-finalized you can reach out to venues that you love to see if they can accommodate your party size.

3. Start a gift registry

It’s common practice to send out gift registry information with the party invitation so you’ll definitely want to at least start your registry before sending out invites.  Personally, we love registering at places like Bloomingdales, Bed Bath & Beyond and even Amazon – this kind of store assortment will give everyone several options.

4. Send out invites

Once you’ve locked in the guest list and venue it’s time to send out invitations!  Depending on budget, you can go with a traditional printing company or even a company like Shutterfly or Minted, which have plenty of budget options to choose from.

5. Choose your attire

Not every bride-to-be has to wear white at her engagement party but many choose to!  Whatever color/style you want to wear, just make sure everything is dry-cleaned and tailored at least a week before the date of the party.

6. Is décor needed?

Depending on your venue, you may or may not need to bring in your own décor.  Make sure to ask the event manager to find out exactly what they provide and what they don’t. We recommend flowers, candles and lots of framed couple photos as décor.

7. Customize favors

Favors aren’t a must but they certainly do add a nice touch and a level of personalization that many people do appreciate. We love the idea of finding an inexpensive item you and your partner-to-be both love. 

Happy Planning!

Xx, The Planning Society

Real Engagement Party for Bride-to-Be and Groom-to-Be: Melanee Shale and Raphe Wolfgang // Photography: Taylor Schroeder // Florals: The Bouqs // Wine: Winc // Hostess/Venue: Annette Vartanian for Vintage Splendor

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